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I have been taking pictures seriously for a long time now.​ I love the mountains and the ocean, both of which provide unlimited opportunities to photograph amazing beauty, and are places that provide tranquility and serenity that rejuvenate and inspire us.
I have often found that some of the best photographs are those taken spontaneously; just because something strikes you as special or unique in some way. I enjoy walking around cities that I have been in, taking photographs of unique or iconic architecture or sculpture that I can then bring home and share with others. Photography, especially 'awesome' photography, helps to transport us to where an image was captured and leaves us feeling like we know that place just a little bit better than before.
I hope you find some images here that perhaps rekindle a fond memory from your past, or transport you to a place you have been, or hope to get to some day.
Any of these inages are available for sale, and can be created in a size and format that would look best in your home or office. Take your time and enjoy all of the galleries above and come back from time to time to see what new images have been added.
As always if you have any questions or specific requests you can email me at
Dan MacLellan


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